• "ISO 9001:2008 Accredited"

VS 800



VS 800 Series offers highly rigid and stable structure in all steel construction with loading capacity of 500 Kg / 750 Kg with optional Plinth Frame.

Broad Front and Multi-Fold Frames ensure higher level of stability and squareness while offering maximized width utilization for managing cables and power distribution units within the rack.

Variety of optional Cable Rack Management tools help populating these racks with higher density and easy manageability.

Simple construction, minimal components, ease of assembly at site, convenient to carry packaging and elevated aesthetics make VS Series a truly “Versatile Solution” for your various application needs.

  • 21U - 45U heights
  • 800mm wide
  • Available Depths : 800 / 1000 mm



Height (U) Width (W) Depth (D)
27U 800 mm 800 mm
33U 800 mm 800 mm
36U 800 mm 1000 mm
42U 800 mm 1000 mm