• "ISO 9001:2008 Accredited"


SCG Security Counterintelligence Group LLC.,Switzerland

MGT-SCG is a group of companies established in Zug Switzerland and London UK.

Specialized in the fields of intelligence and ECM (electronic counter measures), MGT-SCG offers a wide range of state-of-the-art hardware and software products as well as security audits and courses in counterintelligence and IT security, including penetration testing and ethical hacking.

As espionage and counterintelligence operations are carried out by hardware and IT technologies, MGT-SCG offers solutions in both fields.

Working on both sides of the fence (intelligence and ECM) enables the company to test the latest technologies in both sectors and to customize client solutions in order to offer a technical operational advantage towards the adversary.

The company’s clients belong to the Military, Special Forces, Presidential Guards, Police, Secret Services, Prisons, NGO’s and Multinationals, Anti-Corruption Committees, Banks and Security Companies.

References are satisfied clients in the riskiest crisis regions, relying daily on the company’s products to withstand terrorism attacks. In close collaboration with the clients the company strives for continuous research and development in order to offer countermeasures adapted to the continuously evolving threats.

Most of the products are manufactured by MGT-SCG and may be delivered OEM branded and customized to the client’s requests. To offer highest security levels certain products such as mobile phone encryption are offered client personalized features.

The company offers also technology transfer, consulting or product development.


Range of Products

Intelligence Product

  • Audio Transmission (Digital, Analogue, Encrypted, Laser, Camouflaged)
  • Video Transmission (Digital, Analogue, Encrypted, Laser, Camouflaged)
  • Mobile Phone Interception
  • WiFi Interception
  • Satellite Phone Interception
  • Monitoring software to control mobile phones
  • Intrusion / Monitoring software to target networks & PCs
  • RF Bug Detection & RF Monitoring System
  • Active GSM Interception Detection systems
  • Passive Bug Detection systems, Non -Linear-Junction Detectors
  • Radio Frequency Jamming systems

Counter Terrorism

  • Remote controlled Improvised Explosive Devices Jamming systems for vehicle or fixed installation
  • Radio Frequency Jamming systems
  • Drone/ UAV defence system
  • GPS tracking systems against kidnapping
  • Drone for surveillance
  • Mobile Phone Encryption
  • Land Line, Fax Encryption
  • VHF/UHF Encryption
  • Email Encryption
  • Secure Clouds
  • Physical Security
  • Intrusions Detection system
  • Surveillance Radar System