• "ISO 9001:2008 Accredited"


RZ Products GmbH., Germany

RZ-Products GmbH is specialized on the development, the production and the worldwide marketing of high quality IT security products. They provide innovative and secure solutions "made in Germany" for the equipment of data centers produced in their production facility in Wallmenroth (Rhineland-Palatinate), the middle of Germany.

Their products are certified and quality-controlled. Independent, neutral and worldwide recognized institutions guarantee the quality of their products. The IT-Room GranITe, for example, was successfully tested according to the worlds most stringent and sophisticated security and quality test.

Their patents and utility models, e.g. the "click" assembly method, allow for time saving and above all extremely space saving room-in-room installations by minimum distances to the building envelope. The modular construction, the scalability and the dis- and reassembly of the complete product portfolio ensure a maximum of investment and future security. The room systems are movables for the quick and easy integration into into new companies structures, processes and locations. The high flexibility and the independency of buildings or locations are of significant economic benefits: The amortisation periods for movable economic assets are much shorter compared with conventional building structures, thus offering considerable fiscal benefits.


Range of Products

  • Short Delith Rugged Rack Mount Servers
  • DC-IT Room
  • DC-IT Container
  • DC-IT Shielding
  • DC-IT Safe
  • DC-IT Datasafe
  • DC-Monitoring